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Ravid Ekshtain


Ekshtain, R., Shimon I., Segal, I., Hovers, E., Local and non-local procurement in Amud cave. Implication for mobility patterns (in prep).

Hovers, E., Ekshtain, R., Malinsky-Buller, A., Greenbaum, N., Yeshurun, R., 2014. Islands in a stream? Reconstructing site formation processes in the late Middle Paleolithic site of ’Ein Qashish, northern Israel. Quaternary International.

Greenbaum, N., Ekshtain, R., Malinsky-Buller, a., Porat, N., Hovers, E. 2014. The Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Middle Paleolithic Open-air Site of 'Ein Qashish, Northern Israel. Quaternary International.

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Hovers, E., Malinsky-Buller, A., Goder-Goldberger, M., Ekshtain R. 2011. Capturing a Moment: Identifying Short-lived Activity Locations in Amud Cave, Israel, In: Jaeger, R. (Ed.), The Lower and MIddle Paleolithic in the Levant and Adjacent Regions. ERAUL, Liege.

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Ekshtain, R., 2006 A Comparative Study of Knapping Accidents in the Levantine Mousterian, MA Thesis, the Institute of Archaeology Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Invited Lectures


Patterns of Hearth Location in Amud Cave (Israel): Potential and Limits of Various Analytical Tools (with Hovers E.), given at Monrepos workshop, Germany.


Material procurement strategies in the Middle Paleolithic based on visual and geochemical analysis from Ein Qashish and Amud cave, given in Weizmann institute.

Conference Abstract

Ekshtain, E., Buller, A. Hovers, E., Ilani S., 2012 Going the distance? Raw material exploitation around Ein Qashish, Oppoetunities, Problems and fture Directions in the Study of Open-Air Middle Paleolithic Sites. Tel Hai College, Upper Galilee, Israel.

Ekshtain, E., Sharon, I., Goldsmith, Y., Birkenfeld, M., 2012. Marking old territories: Using ArcGIS models for raw material survey areas in the Levantine Middle Paleolithic. A case study from Qafzeh cave, Israel. Debating spatial archaeology, Santander, Spain.

Ekshtain R., Rabinovich R. and Hovers E. 2008 Hearth-Related Patterns at Amud Cave (Israel): Exploring the Potential and Limits of Analytical Tools, New Approaches for Computer Applications in the Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of the Levant, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva.

Ekshtain, R. and Hovers E. 2005 Raw Material quality and frequency of Knapping Accidents in Amud and Qafzeh caves. The Israeli Prehistory Society, Haifa University.