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Prof. A. Nigel Goring-Morris


PhD 1986, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research Interests:

  • Old World Prehistory.
  • Upper Palaeolithic and Epipalaeolithic Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers and Herders in the Near East.
  • Mortuary Practices.
  • Late Quaternary Prehistoric Adaptations in Arid Lands.
  • Chipped Stone Tool Technology and Typology.

Recent Research Projects

  • Kfar HaHoresh - A Pre-Pottery Neolithic B cult and mortuary site in the Nazareth hills, lower Galilee. Project is ongoing since 1991.
  • Nahal Hava - A Pre-Pottery Neolithic hunting camp in the central Negev. Excavations in 2010.
  • Nahal Lavan 1021 - A Pre-Pottery Neolithic B knapping site in the western Negev dunes. (co-director with O. Barzilai). Excavations conducted in 2005.
  • Nahal Besor VI - A Natufian base-camp site in the central Negev. Excavations conducted in 1995.
  • Nahal Neqarot - An Epipalaeolithic Rockshelter in the Negev (co-director with A. Belfer-Cohen, I. Gilead & S. Rosen). Excavations conducted in 1991.
  • Technological Studies of Upper Palaeolithic, Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic Assemblages from the Western Negev Based on Refitting.
  • Publication of the Excavations by the Late Tamar Noy at Gilgal in the Lower Jordan Valley (with O. Bar-Yosef & A. Gopher).
  • Publication of the Emergency Archaeological Survey of the Negev Excavations. The results of surveys and excavations (1979-1984) in: the Western Negev Dunes (Nahal Nizzana, Nahal Lavan, Holot Shunera, Nahal Sekher, Hamifgash); Har Qeren (with S. A. Rosen); Ramat Matred (with I. Gilead); Ain Qadis (with A. Gopher & S. A. Rosen); Har Harif (with A. Gopher); Maktesh Ramon (with S. A. Rosen); Nahal Issaron (with A. Gopher).
  • "Religion as the Basis for Power and Property in the First Civilizations" 2009-2011. Invited participation in the Templeton project at Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Turkey, directed by I. Hodder (Stanford University, USA).

Recent Teaching

  • The Quaternary: Upper Palaeolithic and Epipalaeolithic Periods in the Levant.
  • The Development of Complex Societies in the Near East.
  • Chipped Stone Tool technology and Typology.
  • The Prehistory of Death.
  • The Ethnoarchaeology of Hunter-Gatherers
  • The Prehistory of the American Southwest
  • The Prehistory of the Negev (3 day field trip)

Graduate Students

MA Students:

Sorin Hermon - graduated 1996; Hamudi Khalaily - graduated 1999; Naomi Korn - graduated 2000; Ofer Marder (with A. Belfer-Cohen) - graduated 1994 Michal Birkenfeld - graduated 2009; Rebecca Biton (with Y. Goren) - graduated 2010; Lena Brailovski - ongoing; Neta Mitki - ongoing

PhD Students:

Ofer Marder - graduated 2002; Omry Barzilai - graduated 2009; Michal Birkenfeld - ongoing; David Eitam (with A. Belfer-Cohen) - ongoing

Selected Publications