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Netta Mitki


M.A. thesis topic: The Chaine Operatoire at Nahal Lavan 1021: A Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Knapping Site, Israel.

Advisor: Prof. Nigel Goring-Morris


Nahal Lavan 1021 (NL1021) is a small, excellently preserved Middle Pre-Pottery Neolithic B knapping camp in Western Negev Israel. The site was excavated in 2005, by Barzilai and Goring-Morris. The relatively small lithic assemblage from the site (ca. 10,000 artifacts), makes the assemblage a good candidate for a refitting study. The study aims first to reconstruct the cha?ne op?ratoire of flint production in NL1021. Second, to examine current perceptions of PPNB knapping techniques. Finally, this research aims to identify technical ability and style of the individual knapper in order to determine craft specialization.

Areas of Interest:

  • Lithic refitting
  • Neolithic
  • Craft Specialization