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Micka Ullman

Micka Ullman


M.A. thesis topic: Human use of caves during the Middle Paleolithic at Israel - search for patterns of caves selection and the use of its space.

Advisors: Prof. Erella Hovers; Prof. Naama Goren-Inbar; Prof. Amos Frumkin.


Caves are a natural, distinct feature spread on the landscape. Their existence extracts from factors such as geology, geomorphology and climate. Those caves provided a natural shelter for prehistoric hominids. Some cave sites seem to have been very appealing for hominins and show long sequence of human occupation(s). By creating a data base of caves used by hominids during Paleolithic times (mainly the Middle Paleolithic) in Israel, I will attempt to identify patterns of cave selection, and also to check which areas of each cave were used and which were neglected, due to non-favorable conditions such as humidity and darkness.

Areas of interest:

  • Human exploitation of caves at Paleolithic periods.
  • Speleology (Research of caves).

Field Projects:

  • Excavation at Manot Cave (MP, UP site), western Galilee.
  • Excavation at 'Ein Qashish Mousterian open-air site.
  • Archaeological survey at the Judean desert (Masada and Har-Badar maps).
  • Mapping and surveying of Karstic caves, as part of the activity of the Israel Cave Research Unit, Hebrew University.