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Prof. Leore Grosman


Ph. D. 2005, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research Interests:

  • The transition from a hunting and gathering economic base to food production 12,000 years ago
  • Prehistoric burial customs: the appearance of cemeteries in prehistoric settlements
  • Computer simulation as a tool aiding prehistoric research
  • Aspects of Epi-Paleolithic flint technology
  • Rock Cup-Marks – Function and Context.
  • Study of the characteristic patterns of Post Depositional Damage
  • Develop mathematical and computational methods to assist in archaeological research: computer simulations, 3D technology (at Computerized Archaeology lab).
  • Excavation at Nahal Ein Gev II (a joint project with Prof. O. Bar-Yosef, Harvard University and A. Belfer-Cohen, The Hebrew University)

Ongoing Projects:

Photographs and Figures
Teaching Topics