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Francesco Valletta

Francesco Valletta


Ph.D. dissertation topic: Manufacturing tradition in Levantine Epipalaeolithic. A quantitative approach to variability among lithic assemblages in the Northern Jordan Valley

Advisors: Dr. Leore Grosman


The chrono-cultural framework of Southern Levant Epipalaeolithic (ca. 22.000 - 11.500 BP) was defined mainly by typological changes in the lithic assemblages. The aim of my research is to test the degree of continuity of the manufacturing tradition along this period in a small geographic area (namely the surrounding of Kibbutz Ein Gev). Variability in manufacture can be highlighted by shape comparison of chipped stone artifacts within and between different assemblages. This will allow the identification of a possible local stylistic fingerprint in each assemblage, which might be connected to skill transmission. Extracting and analyzing 3D models will allow precise and objective measurement of different features of the artifacts shape. Our results will be verified or negated by testing the variability between Ein Gev sites and other Epipalaeolithic assemblages from the southern Levant.

Research interests

  • Lithic technology
  • Continuity and transformation in prehistoric cultures
  • Levantine Epipalaeolithic
  • Western Europe Mesolithic
  • 3D analysis of archaeological artifacts

Current projects

Curriculum Vitae