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Ariel Malinsky Buller

Ariel Malinsky-Buller


Ph. D. dissertation topic: The Lower to Middle Paleolithic Transition: Regional and Global Perspectives

Advisor: Prof. Erella Hovers


The Lower/Middle Paleolithic transition is one of the most important changes in hominin evolution, bringing to an end a million-year-long adaptive behavior. In my PhD I will focus on the dynamics of lithic technology during the Lower/Middle Paleolithic transition. Specifically, I am interested in the question of behavioral inventions and their spread as innovations, and whether they originated from a single or multiple points of origin. I will focus on two geographical regions: the Levant and northwestern Europe (France and England). I am interested in studying the mechanisms and processes associated with this transition independently for each region, through a comparative database. The implications of the Lower/Middle Paleolithic transition will be studied with regard to hominin cultural, social and economical evolution.

Current Projects:

  • Revadim Quarry - Lower Paleolithic site
  • Kefar Menahem West and Lulim - Lower Paleolithic site
  • Amud Cave - Middle Paleolithic site (lithic analysis)
  • Ein Qashish - Middle Paleolithic site
  • Bir el Maksur - PPNA site

List of Publications
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