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Prof. Anna Belfer-Cohen


Ph.D. 1981, Hebrew University

Research Interests:

  • The evolution, spread and characteristics of Upper Palaeolithic entities
  • Burial customs of prehistoric societies
  • The transition from mobile hunter-gatherers to sedentary farmers
  • The evolution of human cognition

Ongoing Projects:

  • The study and publication of Upper Palaeolithic assemblages from the cave of Kebara, Mt. Carmel. These were excavated between 1981-1990 as part of an international project headed by Prof. Vandermeersch (Bordeaux, France) and Prof. Bar-Yosef (Harvard, Cambridge, USA).
  • The study and publication of the Natufian assemblages from the cave of Hayonim, Galilee. Excavated between 1992-2000 as part of the aforementioned project.
  • The study of the burials and graves from the Natufian layers at Hayonim Cave and Hilazon Tachtit Cave.
  • Excavations and study of two sites in western Georgia (a joint project with Prof. O. Bar-Yosef, Harvard, and Dr. T. Meshveliani, Georgian Academy of Science):
    1. The cave of Dzudzuana (an Upper Palaeolithic sequence) .
    2. The rock shelter Kotias Klde (late Upper Palaeolithic to Neolithic occupations).

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