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Alexander Bogdanovsky

Alexander Bogdanovsky


M.A thesis: Functionality of metal weapons through the ages A 3-D analysis.

Advisors: Dr. Leore Grosman, Dr. Guy Stiebel


In previous studies the typology of metal weapons focused primarily on the shape of the object. Recently studies in metallurgy and experimental archaeology provided new information regarding the manufacturing techniques etc. To date, weapon typology is determined by the visual resemblance and then matched with the 'name' that describes the function of that weapon. Current study assembles a digital database of weapon 3-D scans (ca. 150 Bronze and Iron). Further analysis computes particular values to be extracted from the 3-D model in order to build a typological account which is based on functionality. I hope that our results will provide new insights on selection of shapes and their function.


  • Bet-Lehi Excavation Project since 2010
  • Khirbet Waddi Hammam Excavation Project 2011
  • Nahal Ein-Gev II Excavation Project since 2013
  • The Computerized Archaeological Laboratory Research staff since 2013
  • Israel museum, Jerusalem Assistant curator since 2013

Reaserch Interests:

  • Metal weapons in antiquity
  • 3-D analysis of archaeological material
  • Hellenistic and early roman period in Israel
  • Pagan religions in roman period
  • Tattooing and body modification in antiquity
  • Architecture and urban planning