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Ahiad Ovadia

Ahiad Ovadia


M.A thesis: Natufian Ground Stone Production Technology- A 3-D and Experimental Analysis.

Advisor: Dr. Leore Grosman


The technological aspects of producing Natufian Ground Stone Tools (GSTs) have not yet been the focus of a full-scale research. Ground Stone Tools-mainly Mortars and bowls- from Kebara Cave, Hayonim Cave, Eynan and more will be examine for technological production marks. This study will harness the 3D technology and analytic methods developed by the Computerized Archaeological Laboratory (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) together with experimental comparisons, in order to achieve a fuller understanding of the producing scheme of Natufian GSTs. This study can contribute to our insights into several aspects of Natufian culture, including the degree of specialization and social hierarchy, economic changes and social organization. We also believe this study can add to our knowledge about the processes involve in the Paleolithic –Neolithic transition.

Current Projects:

  • Khirbet Qeiyafa Excavation Project 2011-2012
  • The Origen of Agriculture and Sedentary Communities in Northeast China Project” Since 2012
  • The Computerized Archaeological Laboratory- Research staff since 2012
  • Nahal Ein-Gev II Excavation Project since 2013

Reaserch Interests: