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Prof. Orly Goldwasser
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Prof. Orly Goldwasser

Prof. Orly Goldwasser

Head of the department of Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Honorary Professor University of Göttingen

"Best of BAR" award for 2009-2010

Address: Dept. of Ancient Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations,
Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Mount Scopus, 91905 Jerusalem, Room 7715

Research and teaching interests:

  • Definition of the role of linguistic registers in New Kingdom texts
  • The classifier system of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and its parallelism to other classification systems in various languages of the world
  • The genesis of the alphabet through the Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Semiotics of the Egyptian pictorial scripts
  • Socio-Linguistic issues in the grammar of Ramesside Egyptian
  • Hieratic and hieroglyphic inscriptions in Canaan
  • Canaanite-Egyptian relations during the Late Bronze Age

Teachings in other institutes:

  • Visiting Professor, Harvard University, Boston 2005
  • Professor of "Collège de France", Paris, 2007
  • COLLEGIUM DE LYON c/o ENS Lettres et sciences humaines 2012
  • Göttingen University


  • Co-editor of the series - Classification and Categorization in Ancient Egypt, Göttinger Orientforschoungen IV. Reihe Ägypten 38 (Harrassowitz Verlag)
  • Vice chair, European COST Action A31 "Stability and Adaptation of Classification Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective" (scientific committees, conferences planning and organization, various lectures)
  • Reviewer, School of Advanced Studies, Princeton
  • Representative of Israel in the International Association for Semiotic Studies

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