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Computerized Archaeology - Publications & Abstracts

Journal Papers and Reports

  • Gilboa A, Karasik A, Sharon I, Smilansky U. (2004).
    Towards Computerized Typology and Classification of Ceramics.
    Journal of Archaeological Science, 31: 681-694.
  • Karasik A, Smilansky U, Beit-Arieh I. (2005).
    New Typological Analyses of Early Bronze Age Holemouth Jars from Tel Arad and Southern Sinai.
    Tel-Aviv, 32: 20-32.
  • Karasik A, Smilansky U. (2006).
    Computation of the Capacity of Pottery Vessels Based on Drawn Profiles ? Appendix 1 A to Chapter 12.
    In Mazar A (ed): Excavations at Tel Beth Shean 1989-1996, Volume I, Jerusalem.
  • Saragusti I, Karasik A, Sharon I, Smilansky U. (2005).
    Quantitative Analysis of Shape Attributes Based on Contours and Section Profiles in Archaeological Analysis.
    Journal of Archaeological Science, 32: 841-853.
  • Karasik A, Smilansky U. (2008).
    3D scanning technology as a standard archaeological tool for pottery analysis: practice and theory
    Journal of Archaeological Science, 35: 1148-1168.
  • Grosman L, Smikt O., Smilansky U. (2008).
    On the application of 3-D scanning technology for the documentation and typology of lithic artifacts
    Journal of Archaeological Science, 35: 3101-3110.
  • Adan-Bayewitz D, Karasik A, Smilansky U, Asaro F, Giauque R.D, Lavidor R. (2009).
    Differentiation of ceramic chemical element composition and vessel morphology at a pottery production center in Roman Galilee
    Journal of Archaeological Science, 36: 2517 - 2530.
  • Grosman, L., G. Sharon, T. Goldman-Neuman, O. Smikt and U. Smilansky (2011).
    Studying Post-Depositional Damage on Acheulian Bifaces using 3D Scanning. Journal of Human Evolution 60(4):398-406.)
  • Karasik, A. and U. Smilansky (2011).
    Computerized Morphological Classification of Ceramics.
    Journal of Archaeological Science 38(10):2644-2657.)
  • Grosman, L., Y. Goldsmith and U. Smilansky (2011).
    Morphological Analysis of Nahal Zihor Handaxes: A Chronological Perspective.
    Paleoanthropology 2011: 203-215.
  • Goren-Inbar, N., L. Grosman and G. Sharon (2011).
    The technology and significance of the Acheulian giant cores of Gesher Benot Ya‘aqov, Israel.
    Journal of Archaeological Science 38:1901-1917
  • Mailinsky-Buller, A., L. Grosman and O. Marder (2011).
    A case of techno-typological lithic variability & continuity in the late Lower Palaeolithic.
    Before Farming 2011/1 article 3
  • Sergi, O, A. Karasik, Y. Gadot and O. Lipschits (2012).
    The Royal Judahite Stroge Jar: A Computer-Generated Typology and Its Archaeological and Historical Implications.
    Tel-Aviv 39, (2012) 63-93.
  • Richardson, E., L. Grosman, U. Smilansky, and M. Werman. 2013.
    Extracting Scar and Ridge Features from 3D-scanned Lithic Artifacts. In: Archaeology in the Digital Era. Eds. G. Earl, T. Sly, A.Chrysanthi, P. Murrieta-Flores, C. Papadopoulos, I. Romanowska, and D. Wheatley, pp. 83-92. Proceedings of Computer applications and quantitative methods in Archaeology CAA (2012). Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.
  • Mendel A., and L. Grosman. 2013.
    Unpublished Hebrew and other Northwest Semitic inscriptions from Samaria studied with a 3-dimensional imaging technology. KUSATU (Kleine Untersuchungen zur Sprache des Alten Testaments und seiner Umwelt) 15:171-188.
  • Grosman, L., A. Ovadia, and A. Bogdanovsky. 2014.
    Neolithic Masks in a Digital World. In: Face to Face. Ed. D. Hershman, pp. 54-57. Israel Museum Catalogue, Jerusalem.
  • Grosman L., A. Karasik, O. Harush, and U. Smilansky. 2014.
    Archaeology in Three Dimensions. Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage studies (JEMAHS) 2:48-64.
  • Avshalom K., Z. Greenhut, J. Uziel, N. Szanton, L. Grosman, I. Zandbank, and U. Smilansky. 2014.
    Documentation and Analyses on the National Scale at the Israel Antiquities Authority: The Story of One (Broken) Sherd. Near Eastern Archaeology 77 (3): 214-218.
  • Zaidner Y., and L. Grosman. 2015.
    Middle Palaeolithic Scrapers were Resharped or Recycled? A view from Nesher Ramla, Israel. Quaternary International 361: 178-187.

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