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Dr. Uzi Leibner


Ph. D. 2004, Bar-Ilan University

Research Interests:

  • The archaeology of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Palestine
  • Archaeological Surveys: Theory and Practice
  • Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine pottery
  • Settlement patterns and Demographic trends in the Southern Levant during the Classical periods
  • Ancient economy
  • Talmudic realia

Current Projects:

  • Kh. Hamam Excavations (Director): Excavation of an ancient Synagogue and surroundings, Kh. Hamam, Lower Galilee (Director).
  • Settlement and Demographic changes in Byzantine Galilee and their implications on the society and culture of the Galilean Jewry.
  • Imported Fine Ware in the Land of Israel during the Byzantine period: documentation and economic implications (together with Ch. Ben David).
  • Roman Milestones in Judaea. Preparing the publication of the Israel Milestones Corpus (together with Ch. Ben David and the late Israel Roll).

Curriculum Vitae

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