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Roi Porat


Ph.D. Student

Roi Porat, PhD-student in archaeology, joined the Herodium Expedition led by Prof. Ehud Netzer in 2006. He started his archaeology studies in 1997 at Bar Ilan University of Ramat Gan (Israel), where he received his BA in 2003. He then moved on to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he finished his MA studies in Archaeology in 2006.
During 1996-1997, he was a member of a preservation/restoration team of the Israel Antiquities Authority. From 2001 until 2006, he participated in the survey and excavation of various caves in the Judean Desert.
In 2005, he excavated a crusader fortress at Mezad Ateret for one season under Prof. Roni Ellenblum. Since 2006, he has worked as a field supervisor and main coordinator of the excavations at Herodium, directed by Prof. Ehud Netzer, and participated in bringing Herod's tomb monument and private theatre to light.
He also remains involved in the survey and excavation of caves in the Judean Desert. He is co-author (to H. Eshel) of the book "Refuge Caves of the Bar Kokhba Revolt " Vol. II.