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Oren Gutfeld


Ph. D. 2008, The Hebrew University

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Study of the Hellenistic and Late Second Temple periods in the Judean Lowland, with emphasis on the changes brought about following the Hasmonean conquest of Idumea, as reflected in the architectural remains and material culture.
  2. Renewal of the excavation of the Judean Desert tunnels and publication of the findings in final report form.
  3. Publication of the Eretz-Israel Festschrift volume honoring the late Prof. Netzer, with contributions by various authors on topics in Herodian-period archaeology, history, and architecture.
  4. Publication of Avigad's findings from the Upper City of Herodian-period Jerusalem in an upcoming volume of the Jewish Quarter Excavations series.
  5. Publication of a monograph on the building enterprises of the Emperor Justinian in the Land of Israel, both in the urban and rural sphere, as based on the archaeological evidence and the literary sources.

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