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Lior Sandberg

Lior Sandberg


M.A. thesis topic: The coinage of Beth- Guvrin (Eleutheroplis) in the Roman period.

Advisors: Prof. Zeev Weiss, Dr. Rahel Barkay


In 200 CE, Septimius Severus (193- 211 CE) granted the settlement of Beth Guvrin the rights of a city and changed its name to Eleutheropolis. The city minted coins from that date until the days of Elagabalus (218- 222 CE).

The aim of this research is to record all the types and variants of the coins minted by the city and to investigate them. The research includes the historical background and the archeological research of Beth Guvrin carried out mainly in the last decades by Prof. Amos Kloner and the IAA.

Areas of interest:

  • Numismatics
  • Beth Guvrin (Eleutheropolis)
  • Marissa