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Dr. Lihi Habas


Ph. D. 2006, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Lihi Habas - Teaching in the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University and in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design on various subjects related to the Archaeology and Art of the Ancient, Classic, Roman and Byzantine Eras.

Researches the inter-relationships among architecture, mosaics, furnishings and ceremonial objects in the Byzantine Empire in general, with particular emphasis on the Holy Land. Researches and publishes findings from archaeological sites in Israel. Occasional Curator and Advisor for exhibitions at the Bible Land Museum and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Excavations and Research at the Institute of Archaeology:

Area supervisor: responsible for supervision of excavation, recording, dating, and field analysis of the finds at the following sites:

  • Tel Mevorakh (Biblical period)
  • Hayonim Cave (Prehistoric period)
  • Rehovot-in-the Negev (Classical-Byzantine period)
  • City of David, Jerusalem (Biblical period)
  • Bet Shean (Classical-Byzantine period)

Archaeological surveyor: responsible for identification, recording, dating, and field analysis of archaeological remains in the following surveys:

  • Sites in the Judean Shephelah
  • Aqueducts in the Judean Desert

Analysis of archaeological data and publication of the finds for the Institute of Archaeology at the following excavation sites:

  • Khirbet ed-Deir
  • Mt. Berenice
  • Tel Bet Shean
  • Jerusalem, "Givati Parking Excavation"

Publication of Excavation Report, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  • Ostrakine, northern Sinai

Publication of Excavation Reports, Israel Antiquities Authority

  • Gan Yavne
  • Jerusalem, Monbaz St.
  • Jerusalem, Kidron Valley
  • Jerusalem, Christian Quarter
  • Jerusalem, Western Wall Plaza
  • “Nesher,” Lod

Curriculum Vitae
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