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Prof. Lee Israel Levine

Curriculum Vitae:

Date of Birth:

February 1, 1939

Place of Birth:

Bangor, Maine


Israeli, American

Postal Address:

27 Mevo Hamaavaq, Jerusalem, Israel 97877





Institution Degree Years Major
Columbia University BA 1956–61 Philosophy
Columbia University MA 1963–66 Jewish History
Columbia University PhD 1966–70 Jewish History
Hayyim Greenberg Institute (Jerusalem)   1959–60 Jewish Studies
Jewish Theological Seminary BHL 1956–61 Talmud
Jewish Theological Seminary MHL 1961–63 Talmud
Jewish Theological Seminary Rabbinic Ordination 1961–65 Talmud

Academic Positions:

Institution Department Years Position
Hebrew University Jewish History & Archeology 1971–75 Lecturer
    1976–81 Senior Lecturer
    1981–86 Associate Professor
    1986– Professor
  Dinur Research Center for the Study of Jewish History 1997–2001 Head
  Jewish History 2001–2003 Chairperson
Jewish Theological Seminary, New York Jewish History 1967–70 Instructor
    1970–71 Assistant Professor
    1976–77 Visiting Professor
    1995, 2000, 2004 Visiting Professor
Jewish Theological Seminary, Jerusalem Jewish History 1978–84 Adjunct Professor
Yale University Jewish History 1986–87, 1995, 2000 Visiting Professor
Harvard University Jewish History 1986–87 Fellow, Center for Jewish Research
Seminary of Judaic Studies, Jerusalem
(Schechter Institute)
Jewish History 1985– Adjunct Professor
    1987–92 Dean, Director
    1993–94 President
    1994–96 Rector

Academic Committees:

1978–92 Editorial Board, Izhak Ben-Zvi Institute
1984– Board, Israel Exploration Society
1989– Advisory Board, World Union of Jewish Studies
1994– Preservation Commission, Israel Antiquities Authority
1996– Academic Advisory Board, Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies
1998– Panel of Experts, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture
1998– Center for the Study of the History of Eretz-Israel, Yad Ben-Zvi and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2000– Chairman, Eretz-Israel Studies in Israeli High Schools, Israel Ministry of Education
2004– Ars Judaica, Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art
2004– Advisory Board, The Posner Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, Volume II

Non-Academic Positions:

1979–83 Executive Board, Masorti Movement in Israel
1986–87 Executive Director, Foundation for Conservative (Masorti) Judaism in Israel
1987–96 Vice-Chancellor for Israel Affairs, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
1995– International Board, Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies
2003– Chairman of the Board, Schechter Rabbinical School

Archeological Excavations:

Site Years Position
Caesarea 1975, 1976 Co-Director
Horvat ‘Ammudim synagogue 1979 Director

Organization of Conferences:

The Synagogue in Antiquity, The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, 1984
The Galilee in the Greco-Roman Period, Kibbutz Hanaton and Jerusalem, 1989
Jerusalem: Its Sanctity and Centrality to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem, 1996
Jewish Cultural Life of Late Antiquity in Its Byzantine-Christian Context, Jerusalem, 1999

Awards and Fellowships:

Phi Beta Kappa Columbia University 1961
Talmud Award Jewish Theological Seminary 1961
Jewish Literature Award Jewish Theological Seminary 1963
Fellow, Herbert H. Lehman Institute on Talmudic Ethics Jewish Theological Seminary 1962–65
President Fellow Columbia University 1968–69
Fellowship National Foundation for Jewish Culture 1968–69
Fellowship Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture 1968–69
Abraham Berliner Prize for Jewish History Jewish Theological Seminary 1971
Fellowship American Friends of the Hebrew University 1970–71
Fellowship John Guggenheim Foundation 1976–77
Fellowship Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture 1976–77
Fellowship Center for Jewish Research, Harvard University 1986–87
Honorary Doctorate in Jewish Studies (DDL) Jewish Theological Seminary 1991
Scholar-in-Residence Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy 1992
Honorary Doctorate Faculty of Theology, Lund University, Sweden 2000