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Prof. Joseph Yellin

Selected Recent Publications-Archaeology

Provenience of LBA II Pottery from the Cultic Repository of Tel Qashish, Joseph Yellin, Matthew T. Boulanger and Michael D. Glascock, Atiqot (in press).

The Origin of Egyptian-Style Ceramics from Deir El-Bala?: Conclusions from Neutron Activation Analysis, Chapter 3, pp 57-75, Joseph Yellin and Ann E. Killebrew in: Deir El-Balah: Excavations in 1977-1982 In The Cemetery and Settlement, Trude Dothan and Baruch Brandl, Qedem 50 (2010).

Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Two Vessels from Tel Yin'am, Harold Liebowitz and Joseph Yellin, Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies 25, 103-118 (2009).

Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Selected Pottery from Tel Beth Shean and the Central Jordan Valley, A.M. Maeir and J. Yellin, Chapter 6B, Pp. 55471 in: Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 19891996, Volume II: The Middle and Late Bronze Age Strata in Area R, eds. A. Mazar and R.A. Mullins. Jerusalem: Israel Exploratio Society (2008).

Four decades of Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis and its contribution to the archaeology of the ancient land of Israel, Joseph Yellin and Aren M. Maeir, Israel Journal of Earth Science 56, pp 123-132 (2007).