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Prof. Joseph Patrich

List of publications:

(last 5 years) classified into:

a. Books:

(forthcoming in 2010). Studies in the Archaeology and History of Caesarea Maritima . Caput Iudaeae, Metropolis Palaestinae. Collected Essays (Forthcoming with Brill Publishing House).

Edited Books:

  1. 2007. New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region, edited by J. Patrich and David Amit, Jerusalem.

  2. 2008. Archaeological Excavations at Caesarea Maritima Areas CC, KK, NN. Final report. Vol. I: The Objects. Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem 2008 (480 pages, numerous illustrations, hardcover).

  3. 2009. Man near a Roman Arch. Studies presented to Prof. Yoram Tsafrir, edited by Leah Di Segni, Yizhar Hirshfeld, Joseph Patrich and Rina Talgam. Jerusalem.

a. Articles in peer reviewed journals:

  1. 2005 "Was Dionysos, the Wine God, Venerated by the Nabataeans?" Aram Periodical 17 (2005), pp. 95-113.

  2. 2006. "The Wall Street, the Eastern Stoa, the Location of the Tetrapylon, and the Halachic Status of Caesarea (interpreting Tosefta Oholot XVIII:13)". Cathedra 122 (2006), pp. 7-30 (Hebrew).

  3. 2006. "Caesarea in Transition from the Byzantine to the Muslim Regime: The Archaeological Evidence from the Southwestern Zone (Areas CC, KK, NN), and the Literary Sources", Cathedra 122 (2006), pp. 143-172 (Hebrew).

  4. 2009. "The Pre-Herodian Temple: Reassessing the House of the Laver and the House of Utensils of the Temple Scroll." Revue Biblique 116/4 (2009), pp. 505-526.

  5. (f.c. in 2010) "Roman Hippo-Stadia: The "Hippodrome" of Gerasa reconsidered in light of the Herodian Hippo-Stadium of Caesarea Maritima", Aram Periodical 20 (2008).

b. Chapters in books

  1. 2005. "Herodian Caesarea - the urban framework", in: M. Mor et al. (eds.), For Uriel: Studies in the History of Israel in Antiquity Presented to Professor Uriel Rappaport, Jerusalem 2005, pp. 497-538 (Hebrew).

  2. 2006. "Early Christian Churches in the Holy Land", in: Christians and Christianity in the Holy Land: From the Origins to the Latin Kingdoms, eds. Guy G. Stroumsa and Ora Limor (Cultural Encounters in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, 5). Turnhout: Brepols, 2006, pp. 351-395.

  3. 2006. "Agricultural Development in Antiquity: Improvements in the Cultivation and Production of Balsam", in: Qumran The Site of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Archaeological Interpretations and Debates, edited by K. Galor, J.-B. Humbert, and J. Zangenberg, [Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah, Vol. 57], Brill, Leiden and Boston 2006, pp. 241-248.

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  5. 2007. "The Second Temple and its Courts: a new proposal about their location on the Temple Mount," Eretz Israel 28 (2007) (Tedi Kollek Volume), pp. 173-183 (Hebrew).

  6. 2009. 538 BCE - 70 CE: The Temple (Beyt HaMiqdash) and its Mount, in: O. Grabar and B.Z. Kedar, Where Heaven and Earth Meet: Jerusalem's Sacred Esplanade, Jerusalem 2009, pp. 37-71.

  7. 2009. "The Wall Street, the Eastern Stoa, the Location of the Tetrapylon, and the Halakhic Status of Caesarea Maritima (interpreting Tosefta, Ahilot, 18:13)," In: Man near a Roman Arch. Studies presented to Prof. Yoram Tsafrir, edited by Leah Di Segni, Yizhar Hirshfeld, Joseph Patrich and Rina Talgam. Jerusalem 2009, pp. 142-168.

  8. 2009. "On the date Caesarea was proclaimed a Roman Colony", in: J. Geiger, H.M. Cotton and G. Stiebel (eds.), Israel's Land. Papers Presented to Israel Shatzman on his Jubilee, Raanana 2009, pp. 135-156 (Hebrew).

  9. (f. c. in 2010). "On the Proclamation of Caesarea as a Roman Colony",in: J. Patrich, Studies in the Archaeology and History of Caesarea Maritima. Collected Essays.

    10-13. (f. c. in 2010) in: Amnon Kidron Festschrift, eds. Y. Porath, E. Ayalon, A. Sasson and A. Izdarechet: "The Theatre of Caesarea"; "The Temples of Caesarea"; "Excavations in Areas CC, KK and NN"; "Some Comments on the Wealthy People of Caesarea in the Byzantine Period: The Literary Sources and the Archaeological Finds" (Hebrew).

c. Other

i. Articles in Conference Proceedings

  1. 2006. "The Location of the Second Temple - a new proposal". in. E. Baruch and A. Faust (eds.), New Jerusalem Studies 12, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan 2006, pp. 41-48 (Hebrew).

  2. 2007. "Differences between Herod's Temple and that of the Hasmonaeans: reflections on the 'House of the Utensils' and the 'House of the Laver' of the Temple Scroll", in: J. Patrich and D. Amit (eds.), New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region. Collected Papers, Vol. 1. Jerusalem 2007, pp. 41-53 (Hebrew).

  3. 2007. "VeAsu li Miqdash" - Comments on Qoren's and others intrpretations on the layout of the Second Temple, in: E. Baruch, A. Levy- Reifer and A. Faust (eds.), New Jerusalem Studies 13, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan 2007, pp. 135-140 (Hebrew).

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ii. Review (and eReview) Articles

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iii. Other Publications

  1. 2005. "The Last Hermit", in: N. Shalev-Khalifa, A Locked Garden. Visits to the Monasteries of Israel, Or Yehuda 2005, pp. 21-22 (Hebrew).

  2. 2005. Go to the desert with Cyril, Ethmol 30/6, no. 182, 14-17 (in Hebrew).

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