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Avner Ecker

Avner Ecker


M.A. thesis topic: The Jaffa Roman/Byzantine Jewish Necropolis.

Advisors:  Prof. Hannah Cotton and Prof. Zeev Weiss


During the 1960's and 70's Dr. Y. Kaplan undertook a series of salvage excavations in the Necropolis of ancient Jaffa, located on and around the hill of Abu-Kabir. Over the years numerous tomb stone inscriptions from the site were published, but the site itself (finds and caves) was never thoroughly tended to. This research intends to analyze and publish the finds and burial caves that were unearthed in the Kaplan excavations. Subsequently the research will provide the necessary archaeological background to the known corpus of inscriptions from the site and deal with cultural questions regarding the population of ancient Jaffa.


  • Area manager in the excavations of Sepphoris.
  • Assistant in the Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae Palaestinae (a corpus of all inscriptions from current day Israel dating from the times of Alexander the Great to the times of Muhammad).
  • Area manager in the excavations of Beth-Loya.
  • Administration at the Hyrkania tunnels excavations (project is over).
  • Assistant curator in the Three Faces of Monotheism exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum (project is over).

List of Publications