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Amit Reem

List of Publications:

A. Reem, “Burial Customs in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem”, in S. Rosenberg (ed.), The Knights of the Holy Land (1999), pp. 256-261.

A. Reem, “The Kishle Excavations” in B. Zissu (ed.), New Discoveries in the Citadel of Jerusalem and its Surroundings (2002), pp. 7-15 (in Hebrew)

A. Reem, “Burial during the Crusader Period in Jerusalem”, in D. Amit and R. Kalter (eds.), Summary of the Congress on Death and Burial in the Ancient World (2002) (in Hebrew).

A. Reem and J. Seligman, “A Byzantine Cistern to the South of St. Stephen, Jerusalem”, Atiqot 44 (2003), pp. 249-252.

A. Reem and Z. Adwi, “Burial Caves on the Mount of Olives,” Atiqot

A. Reem, “Agricultural Installations at Ramat Sharet, Jerusalem”, Atiqot

A. Reem, “Tombs, Quarries and Installations at Mount Scopus”, Atiqot

A. Reem and J. Seligman “A Crusader Flood Diversion Facility for the Church of St. Mary, Jerusalem”, Atiqot

A. Reem, J. Seligman, Z. Adawi and R. Abu-Raya, “Crusader Remains in the Muristan”, Atiqot

A. Reem, “The Holy Sepulcher: The Burial Ground of the Latin Kings and Nobles”, Eretz-Israel, the Teddy Kolek Volume