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Amit Reem

Field Experience:

1994 Excavator, Tel Dor
1996 Field director, Neve Sha’anan, Jerusalem (with Jon Seligman)
1996    Field director, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem (with Jon Seligman)
1996 Field director, Tell el-Ful, Jerusalem (with Tzvika Greenhut and Shimon Gibson)
1997 Excavation director, the Butchers’ Market, Old City, Jerusalem (with Gideon Avni)
1997 Excavation director, St. George Street, Jerusalem (with Gideon Sulemani)
1998 Excavation director, Abu Tor, Jerusalem
1998 Excavation director, Tell el-Ful, Jerusalem (with Ilan Perez)
1998 Excavation director, the Church of Mary in Gethsemane, Jerusalem (with Jon Seligman)
1998 Excavation director, Bait Vagan, Jerusalem (with Ofer Sion)
1998 Excavation director, Mat‘at Karkis, Jerusalem (with Boaz Zissu)
1998 Excavation director, the Wailing Wall Tunnels, Old City, Jerusalem (with Jon Seligman)
1999 Field director, the Holy Sepulcher Church, Old City, Jerusalem (with Gideon Avni and Jon Seligman)
1999 Excavation director, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem (with Adwi Zoubayer)
1999 Excavation director, Ramat Sharet, Jerusalem
1999 Excavation director, the Valley of Hinnom and Ein Rogel. Jerusalem
2000 Survey director, Givat Broshim, Jerusalem (with Tzvika Greenhut)
2000 Field director, Byzantine Monastery, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem (with David Amit and Jon Seligman)
2000 Excavation director, Mount Scopus west, Jerusalem
2000-2002 Excavation director, the Tower of David– Kishle, Old City, Jerusalem
2002 Excavation director, the Armenian Monastery, Bethlehem
2003 Field supervisor, Ramleh excavations
2003-2004 Excavation director, Jaffa excavations project (with Martin Pilastuker)
2004- Excavation director, near the Arab village of Bodrus