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Prof. Trude Dothan

Tel Miqne-Ekron:

(with Prof. S. Gitin)

This joint project is designed to investigate the political, cultural and economic processes of interaction between Philistines and Israelites during the Iron Age, ca. 1200-600 BCE. The research focuses on Tel Miqne, a site identified as Ekron, one of the five Philistine capital cities. A royal dedication inscription of the 7th century BCE discovered at the site contains the names of Ekron and two of its rulers, Padi and Achish, known from the royal Assyrian Annals. This site is an ideal source of archaeological and historical data for establishing synchronisms between the two Iron Age cultures of the Israelites and the Philistines. Thirteen seasons of excavations were carried out during 1981-96. Research efforts are now devoted to the analysis and preparation for publication of the finds from the early Philistine city at Ekron, its urbanization, architecture, industry and cult, and to tracing the cultural background of the Philistines.