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Sveta Matskevich

Sveta Matskevich


Ph.D. dissertation topic: Influence of Information Technology on Archaeological Knowledge. Structural and contextual analysis of how archaeological data is recorded, maintained and published.

Advisors:  Dr. Ilan Sharon


My PhD research is devoted to investigation of theoretical aspects of the archaeological information, documentation and registration systems. I'm going to conduct analysis of structure and content of recorded and published data, tracing it from the first British excavations in the "old world". As case-studies I'm planning to analyse excavation archives and reports from several sites in the Eastern Mediterranean, investigated both in the pre-IT and modern (last 2-3 decades) times.

Different data modeling techniques will be applied to the structure of the selected data sets in order to study their characteristics, to trace their developments, and to evaluate compatibility.
Experimentally, a transfer of the "old" datasets into modern database system(s) and it's compilation with "modern" data sets can be performed through mapping old and new data to an ontology. This will stress problematic points of both task and process, frequently required in archaeological practice. The textual content of the collected and sampled documentation will be analysed using various methods known in linguistics and the social sciences as content analysis; the numeric data will be studied in terms of data types, accuracy, and levels of measurement.

Practical facets of this research include getting to the bottom of problems of data compatibility, accessibility, and metadata availability as necessary apparatus for publication of archaeological projects. Academic excavations of the sites with long exploration history often confront with incompatibility of old and new data recorded in different formats and media. This is one of the main problems preventing archaeological reports from being published in a reasonable time. This study can provide a theoretical background and produce practical recommendations for solution of abovementioned problems.


  • Tel Dor excavation project ( directed by Dr. Ilan Sharon (Hebrew University) and Dr. Ayelet Gilboa (Haifa University)
  • Tiryns (Greece) excavation project ( directed by Prof. J. Maran (Heidelberg University, Germany)
  • Publication of stratigraphy of Prof. B. Mazar excavations of En-Gedi (in collaboration with Prof. E. Stern)
  • Participation in publication of the Iron Age layers stratigraphy of the area B at Tel Dor.