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Shlomit Bechar

Shlomit Bechar


M.A. thesis topic: The Intermediate Bronze Age and the appearance of Black Wheelmade Ware in northern Canaan: Renewed analysis in light of the finds from Tel Hazor.

Advisor: Dr. Sharon Zuckerman.

Canaan of the Intermediate Bronze Age is characterised mainly by rural villages and graves. The material culture of this period as uncovered by the renewed excavations at Tel Hazor changes our perception of this period, and therefore Hazor is a key site for understanding Canaan in the end of the third millennium BCE. My work will include the analysis of the stratigraphy of the architectural remains of the Intermediate Bronze Age, as well as a typological analysis of the pottery attributed to it.
Black Wheelmade Ware (BWMW), one of the characteristic ceramic families of the Intermediate Bronze Age, holds a central place in my analysis. As part of my research I have collected almost all BWMW sherds reported from excavations in Israel and conducted a petrographic and computerized analysis. The detailed analysis of these conspicuous sherds will hopefully shed light on the relations between northern Israel and Syria and Lebanon during this period.

Areas of Interest:

The Southern Levant in the Bronze Age
Connections between the Southern Levant and Syria during the Bronze Age
Household Archaeology


  • The Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations in Memory of Yigael Yadin (2007-present) - area supervisor (Directed by Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor and Dr. Sharon Zuckerman)
  • Publication of the Renewed Excavations at Tel Hazor (the Iron Age and the Bronze Age) - stratigraphic and typological analysis.
  • Excavations at the lower city of Tel Hazor (2008 - 2010) - registration and area supervisor (Directed by Dr. Sharon Zuckerman)
  • A Study of Aegean/Levantine Trade Patterns in the Late Bronze Age: Provenancing Imported Mycenaean Pottery from Canaan by Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) - contextual analysis.


  • "The Renewed Excavations in the Lower City of Tel Hazor" - Be'er Sheva 2010 - Annual Archaeological Congress.
  • "Life in a Canaanite City - Renewed Excavations in the Lower City of Hazor" - London 2010 - 7ICAANE (International Congress of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology).


2009 - Ruth Amiran Fund for Archaeological Research in Eretz-Israel for my research on the Black Wheelmade Ware
2008 and 2007 - Institute of Archaeology scholarship


Bechar S., forthcoming. Worked Bone, Ivory and Horn. In: Hazor VI (eds: Ben-Tor A. et al.). Jerusalem.