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Prof. Tallay Ornan

Selected Publications:



T. Ornan, 1986 A Man and His Land, Highlights from the Moshe Dayan Collection (Israel Museum Catalogue 270), Jerusalem.

T. Ornan, 2005, The Triumph of the Symbol, Pictorial Representation of Deities in Mesopotamia and the Biblical Image Ban (OBO 213), Fribourg & Göttingen.

Articles and Chapters in Books

T. Ornan and B. Sass, 1992, A Product of Cultural Interaction: The Seal of Nergal-sallim, Israel Museum Journal 10, 63-66.

T. Ornan, 1993, Mesopotamian Influence on West Semitic Inscribed Seals: A Preference for the Depiction of Mortals, in B. Sass and Ch. Uehlinger (eds.), Studies in the Iconography of Northwest Semitic Inscribed Seals (OBO 125), Fribourg & Göttingen, 52-73.

T. Ornan, 1995, The Transition from Figured to Non-Figured Representations in First-Millennium Glyptic, in J. Goodnick Westenholz (ed.), Seals and Sealings in the Ancient Near East, Proceedings of the Symposium Held on September 2, 1993, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem, 39-56.

T. Ornan, 2001, Istar as Depicted on Finds from Israel, in A. Mazar (ed.), Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan (JSOT Suppl. 331), Sheffield, 235-256.

T. Ornan, 2001, Seals of the Late Iron Age and the Persian Period, in M. Spaer, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, Beads and Other Small Finds, Jerusalem, 215-218.

T. Ornan, 2001, The Bull and its Two Masters - Moon and Storm Deities in relation to the Bull in Ancient Near Eastern Art", IEJ 51, 1-26.

T. Ornan, 2002, The Queen in Public: Royal Women in Neo-Assyrian Art, in S. Parpola and R.M. Whiting (eds.), Sex and Gender (Proceedings of the 47th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Helsinki , July 2-7, 2001, Part II), Helsinki, 461-477.

T. Ornan, 2003, Picture and Legend - visual and textual evidence of Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven, in I. Eph'al, A. Ben-Tor and P. Machinist (eds.), Eretz-Israel, Hayim and Miriam Tadmor Volume, 27, 18-32 (Hebrew, English summery).

T. Ornan, 2003, On the Dating of Some Middle-Assyrian Cylinder Seals, NABU 2003/3, 71-73.

T. Ornan, 2004, Idols and Symbols - Divine Representation in First Millennium Mesopotamian Art and Its Bearing on the Second Commandment, TA 31(1), 2004, 90-121.

T. Ornan, 2004, The Goddess Gula and her Dog, Israel Museum Studies in Archaeology 3, 13-30.

T. Ornan, 2005, Expelling Demons at Nineveh: On the Visibility of Benevolent Demons in the Palaces of Nineveh", Iraq 64, 83-92.

T. Ornan, 2005, Stamp and Cylinder Seals, in A. Ben-Tor et al., Yoqne'am II, The Iron Age and the Persian Period (Qedem Reports 6), Jerusalem, 347-353.

T. Ornan, 2005, A Complex System of Religious Symbols: The Case of the Winged-disc in First-Millennium Near Eastern Imagery, in C.E. Suter and Ch. Uehlinger (eds.), Crafts and images in contact: Studies on eastern Mediterranean minor art of the 1st millennium BCE (OBO 210), Fribourg & Göttingen, 207-241.

T. Ornan, 2006, An Amulet of the Demon Pazuzu, in A. Mazar, Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989-1996 I, From the Late Bronze Age IIB to the Medieval Period, Jerusalem, 517-519.

T. Ornan, 2006, The Lady and the Bull, Remarks on the Bronze Plaque from Tel Dan, in Y. Amit, E. Ben Zvi, I. Finkelstein and O. Lipschits (eds.), Ancient Israel in Its Near Eastern Context: A Tribute to Nadav Na'aman, Winnona Lake, 297-312.

T. Ornan, 2007, The Godlike Semblance of a King: The Case of Sennacherib's Rock Reliefs, in J. Cheng and M. H. Feldman (eds.), Ancient Near Eastern Art in Context: Studies in Honor of Irene J. Winter by her Students, Leiden & New York, 161-178.

T. Ornan, 2007, Labor Pangs: The Revadim Plaque Type, in S. Bickel, S. Schroer, R. Schurte and Ch. Uehlinger (eds.), Images as Sources, Studies on Ancient Near Eastern Artefacts and the Bible Inspired by the Work of Othmar Keel (OBO, Special Volume), Fribourg & Göttingen, 215-235.

T. Ornan, 2007, Who is Holding the Lead Rope? The Relief of the Broken Obelisk, Iraq 69, 59-72.

T. Ornan, 2008, Gods and Symbols in the Art of Israel/Palestine c. 1000-600 BCE, in M. Kister, J. Jeiger, N. Nauaman, Sh. Shaked (eds.), Ancient Gods, Polytheism in Eretz Israel and Neighboring Countries from the Second Millennium BCE to the Islamic Period, Jerusalem, 64-89 (Hebrew).

T. Ornan, Sh. Weksler-Bdolah, Z. Greenhut, B. Sass, Y. Goren, 2008, Four Hebrew Seals, One Depicting an Assyrian-like Archer, From the Western Wall Plaza Excavations, Jerusalem", 'Atiqot 60, 115-129.

T. Ornan, 2009, In the Likeness of Man, Reflections on the Anthropocentric Perception of the Divine in Mesopotamian Art, in B. Nevling Porter (ed.), What is a God, Anthropomorphic and Non-Anthropomorphic Aspects of deity in Ancient Mesopotamia (The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute Transactions 2), Winona Lake, 93-151.

T. Ornan, 2009, The Winged Disc as an Emblem of Major Deities in the Neo-Assyrian Period, in I. Eph'al and N. Na'aman (eds.), Royal Assyrian Inscriptions: History, Historiography and Ideology - A Conference in Honour of Hayim Tadmor on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday, November 20th, 2003, Jerusalem (The Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities), 70-96 (Hebrew).

T. Ornan, 2009, A Local Imitation of a Neo-Babylonian Stamp Seal, A tomb in Gelilot near Herzliya", 'Atiqot 62, 1-5.

T. Ornan, 2010, Divine Love: Nana, Ningal and their Entourage on a Clay Plaque, in W. Horowitz, U. Gabbay and F. Vukosavovic (eds.), A Woman of Valor: Jerusalem Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honor Joan Goodnick Westenholz, Madrid, 115-139.

T. Ornan, 2010, Humbaba, the Bull of Heaven and the Contribution of Images to the Reconstruction of the Gilgames Epic, in H.-U. Steymans (ed.), Gilgamesch - Bilder eines Helden: Ikonographie und Überlieferung von Motiven im Gilgames-Epos (OBO 245), Fribourg & Göttingen, 229-260, 411-424.

T. Ornan, 2011, "Let Ba'al be Enthroned": The Date, Identification and Function of a Bronze Statue from Hazor, JNES 70(2), 253-280.

T. Ornan, 2011, Covered with Gold: the Long Life of a Bronze Statue from Hazor, in A. Mazar et al. (eds.), Eretz-Israel 30, Amnon Ben-Tor Volume, Jerusalem, 1-13 (Hebrew, English summary).

T. Ornan, 2012, The Role of Gold in Royal Representation: The Case of a Bronze Statue from Hazor, in R. Matthews and J. Curtis (eds.), in Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 12 April - 16 April 2010, the British Museum and UCL, London 2, Ancient & Modern Issues in Cultural Heritage Colour & Light in Architecture, Art & Material Culture Islamic Archaeology, Wiesbaden, 445-458.

Other Publications

T. Ornan and D. Ben-Tor, 1984, Egypt - The Other Side of the River (Israel Museum Catalogue 257), Jerusalem .

Z. Jacoby and T. Ornan, 1987, A Display of Crusader Sculpture at the Archaeological Museum (Rockefeller) on the Occasion of the 2nd Conference of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin Near East, Jerusalem and Haifa, 2-6 July 1987, Jerusalem.

T. Ornan, 1995, Symbols of Royalty and Divinity, An Iconographical History, Biblical Archaeology Review 21/4 (July-August), 38-39.

T. Ornan, 1996, Gilgamesh - In the Footsteps of a Hero (Exhibit Leaflet, Israel Museum), Jerusalem.1997.

T. Ornan, 1997, "Thou shalt not make unto thee", Mishkafaim 32, 48-51 (Hebrew).

T. Ornan, 2000, La fundacio de la ciutat, exhibition cataloge, Centre de Cultura Con-temporania de barcelona, Barcelona, 170-171, 193, 195 (Catalan/Spanish).

T. Ornan, 2000, El Toro i la mediterrania, exhibition cataloge, sa nostra, obera Social i Cultural, 138-141, 172-177, 182-183, 209 (Cataln/Spanish).

T. Ornan, 2000, Goddesses, Mediterranean Female Images from Prehistoric Times to the Roman Period, Exhibition Catalogue, Museu d'historia de la Ciutat , Barcelona, 143, 182 (Cataln/Spanish, English summery).

R. Reich and T. Ornan, 2000, In Jerusalem gefunden. Ein mesopotamisches Rollsiegel, Welt und Umwelt der Bibel 16, 13.

T. Ornan, 2004 Short article, in J. Goodnick Westenholz (ed.), Dragons, Monsters and Fabulous Beasts, Jerusalem, 76-77.

T. Ornan, 2005, Short articles, in Anonymous (ed.), The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, New York & Jerusalem, 274-279.

T. Ornan, 2005, Short article, in R. Apter-Gabriel (ed.), The Arthur and Madeleine Chalette Lejwa Collection in the Israel Museum (Israel Museum Catalogue 496), Jerusalem, 180-181.

T. Ornan, 2009, Twins: A Dangerous Pregnancy, Biblical Archaeology Review 5/1 (February), 57-60.

Work (The triumph of the Symbol) reviewed in:
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