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Netanel Paz

Netanel Paz


M.A. thesis topic: Early Bronze Age Village Life in the Jezreel Valley.

Advisor:  Dr. Sharon Zuckerman


The Jezreel Valley during the Early Bronze Age I period is characterized by a multitude of small egalitarian and autarkic rural settlements which share a minimal, yet influential, commercial and cultural exchange. The excavated site of Tel Qashish will be the focal point of the study. An analysis of the ceramic and architectural assemblages of the site will provide a clearer picture of village life during this period. A further comparison to neighboring sites will facilitate engagement with research questions relating to daily life and development trajectories in the various settlements of the region.

Research Interests:

Research Interests:

  • Daily Life in the Early Bronze Age.
  • Development and Urbanization in the Northern Levant.
  • Settlements relations in the Bronze Age.