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Liat Naeh

Liat Naeh


PhD. research topic: The Second Millennium BC Decorated Bone & Ivory Carvings of the Levant

Advisor:  Prof. Tallay Ornan


My research focuses on decorated artifacts made of bone and ivory during the Middle Bronze Age and the Late Bronze Age in the Levant. In many respects, these artifacts are some of the best preserved platforms for the artistic motifs and style of their times, and so attest to the ideological and religious messages which surrounded the local Levantine elites. Although ivory artifacts are often mentioned as evidence for international exchange during the Late Bronze Age, they have yet to be studied as manifestations of a local cultural phenomenon in the Levant one which is deeply rooted in the Middle Bronze Age, as shown in earlier bone artifacts. My work compares such Levantine finds from both the Middle and the Late Bronze Ages, in order to obtain new insights as to the local mechanisms which governed the elite use, and perhaps also manufacture, of decorated bone and ivory artifacts.

Research Interests:

  • Bronze Age Religion and Ideology
  • Bronze and Iron Age Art and Iconography
  • Visual Images in Light of Texts of the Ancient Near East

Curriculum Vitae