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Liat Naeh

Curriculum Vitae:

Email Address:
Address: 50 Yitzhak Sade St., apt. 1, Tel Aviv, Israel


2012-present Doctoral candidate in archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dissertation title: “The Second Millennium BC Ivories and Bone Carvings of the Levant”.
Advisor: Prof. Tallay Ornan
2007-2012 MA: The Hebrew University, The Archaeology Institute; MA expected to be approved during March 2012. Thesis titled: "The Role and Importance of the Miniature Pottery Vessels in Nahariya, A Middle Bronze Age Temple in Northern Israel".
Advisor: Dr. Sharon Zuckerman.
2003-2007 BA in archaeology and philosophy, Hebrew University.


August 2013 Intensive German Course in Graz, Austria.
April 2014 (planned) Visiting Scholar, Department of Biblical Studies, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.


2013 The Polonsky Prize for Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines (Second Prize, awarded for M.A. Thesis).
2013 The Jean Nordmann Foundation Scholarship for an Academic Stay at Fribourg University, Switzerland.
2013 Hebrew University’s Center for Austrian Studies and European Forum Summer Course Scholarship in Austria.
2013 The "Hevruta" Scholarship - Graduate Interdisciplinary Study Program, Hebrew University.
2012-2015 Research Fellow, Scholion - Interdisciplinary Research Center in the Humanities and Jewish Studies, Hebrew University.
2012 The Eva and Andrew Farago Award, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University.
2010 The Roman and Tania Ghirshman Award, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University.
2006-2009 Institute of Archaeology Scholarship, Hebrew University.
2004 Tzoran Municipal Scholarship.
2003 The Gross Fund Scholarship


2010 The Ruth Amiran Fund for Archaeological Research in Eretz-Israel (for the petrographic comparison of miniature vessels from Nahariya, Megiddo, Giva‘at Sharett, Lachish and Tell Qasile), Hebrew University.


2013 planned “The Seven-Cupped Bowl as a Distinctly Local Cultic Vessel in the Levant during the Bronze Age”. ASOR 2013 – The American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, Baltimore. 23 November 2013.
2013 “Ivories and the Lifestyle of Rulers in the Land of Israel during the 2ND Millennium BC” (Hebrew), 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem. 29 July 2013.
2011 "The Place and Importance of Miniature Vessels in Nahariya, A Middle Bronze Age Temple at the Northern Coastal Plain of Israel" (Hebrew). The Annual Bar Ilan University and the Israel Antiquities Authority Young Scholars Conference. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan. June 16th, 2011
2011 "The Road between a 3D Pottery Vessel and a 2D Image: The Visual Origins of the Seven-Cupped Bowl, a Southern Levantine Middle Bronze Age Cult Vessel" (Hebrew). The Second Symposium of Research Students: Research of Visual Art in Memory of the late Robert H. Smith. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. May 11th, 2011
2011 "Ritual Food Preparation at the Middle Bronze Age Temple of Nahariya" (Hebrew). The 37th Annual Archeological Congress, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan. April 14th, 2011
2010 "Just a Sip and a Bite: The Miniature Pottery Vessels of the Middle Bronze Age Temple at Nahariya, Israel". The 7th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, British Museum/University College London, April 14th, 2010
2009 "The Miniature Pottery Assemblage of the Middle Bronze Age Temple of Nahariya" (Hebrew). The 35th Annual Archeological Congress, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, April 2nd, 2009


2010 “The Miniature Vessels of the Bronze Age Temple of Nahariya”. Keynote speaker on behalf of recipients of prizes in biblical archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University. 13 January 2010.
2010 “Cult in Miniature: the Miniature Pottery Vessels of the Middle Bronze Age Temple of Nahariya” (Hebrew). Young Scholars Seminar, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University. 5 May 2010.



2012-2015 Research fellow in the group on "Picture Power - Cultural Continuity in Changing Worlds – The Representation of Government in the Near East from the Late Fourth Millennium BCE to the Early Modern Period (ca. 3200 BCE – 1600 CE)" at Scholion - Interdisciplinary Research Center in the Humanities and Jewish Studies.
2013-2014 Co-organizer of research group on “Artists and Craftsmen in a Methodological View” in "Hevruta" - Graduate Interdisciplinary Study Program.
2012-2013 Co-organizer of seminar for advanced students, Institute of Archaeology.
2011-2013 Research Assistant to Prof. Tallay Ornan, Institute of Archaeology. Main Projects: Typology of Persian lion seal stamps and contextual analyses of metal figurines from Hazor.
2011-2012 Student member of research group on "The Object as a Cultural Text" in "Hevruta" - Graduate Interdisciplinary Study Program.
2007-2011 Assistant to Dr. Sharon Zuckerman in re-publishing the excavations of Nahariya, Institute of Archaeology. Main Project: Pottery typology.
2011 Program-developer of Biblical Archaeology for the Science-Oriented Youth Unit ("Noar Shoh?er Mad’a") of the Hebrew University. Programs developed include: "Greek Mythology Put to Test", "Lost Texts of Biblical Times" and "Battles of Ancient Israel".
2005-2006 Research Assistant to Prof. emer. Trude Dothan, Institute of Archaeology. Main Project: Bibliographical research.


2011-2012 Project Coordinator, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Lexical editing of the digital archeology collection.
2011 Exhibition guide and educational program-developer of Biblical Archaeology, The Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Programs developed include: "A Quest for the Biblical Samson" (for 5th-6th graders) and "Following the Animals of Noah's Ark" (for 4th-3rd graders).
2010 Program-developer of Biblical Archaeology, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (for 4th-6th graders).
2008-2010 Assistant to Michal Dayagi-Mendels, Chief Curator of Archaeology, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Digitalizing the Israelite and Persian Periods collections and assisting in the opening of the renewed permanent exhibition of the Israelite and Persian Periods department.
2007-2008 Research Consultant, The Snunit Educational Fund: 3D modeling of key features of the Hazor excavations.
2006 Assistant in the Mikne-Ekron Project at the W.F. Albright Archaeological Research Institute, Jerusalem: Pottery cataloging.


2011 Regular publishing of popular articles on Archaeology, YNET news website, the science channel (articles such as "The Sifting of the Temple Mount" (Hebrew), April 6th; "An Archaeological Quest for the Name 'Israel'" (Hebrew), May 9th; "Judith Krause-Marquet, the First Sabra Woman-Archaeologist" (Hebrew), July 28th).


Fluent in Hebrew and English ; Proficient in French; Basic knowledge of German.


Reading knowledge of Ugaritic, Akkadian and Biblical Hebrew.