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Prof. Ilan Sharon

Prof. Ilan Sharon


1983      - Co-author, Tel Dor 1982 (Preliminary Report). Israel Exploration Journal 33 (with E. Stern).
1985      - Co-author, A Group of Stamped Amphora Handles from Tel Dor. Israel Exploration Journal 35 (with D.T. Ariel, J. Gunneweg & I. Perlman).
- Contributor, Mazar A. Excavations at Tell Qasile, vol. II (Qedem 20).
1986 - Co-author, Tel Dor 1985 (Preliminary Report). Israel Exploration Journal 36 (with E. Stern).
1987      - Phoenician and Greek Ashlar Construction Techniques at Tel Dor, Israel. Bulletin of the American Society for Oriental Research 267.
- Co-author, Tel Dor 1986 (Preliminary Report). Israel Exploration Journal 37 (with E. Stern).
- Co-author, Marked Iron Age Cooking Pots. In: Ben Tor A. et al. Excavations at Tel Qiri (Qedem 24) (with J. Yellin & I. Perlman).
1989      - Co-author, A Preliminary Report of the 1986 Season at Tel Dor. Israel Exploration Journal 39 (with E. Stern and A. Gilboa).
1990      - Demographic Aspects in the Settlement of the Israelites. Archeologia 2 (Hebrew).
1991      - Co-author, A Preliminary Report of the 1988 and 1989 Seasons at Tel Dor. Israel Exploration Journal 41 (with E. Stern and J. Berg).
1992      - Co-author, Tel Dor 1991 Preliminary Report. Israel Exploration Journal 42 (with E. Stern & A. Gilboa).
- The Fortifications of Dor and the Shift from an Israelite/Syrian Conception of Defense to a Greek Conception. Qadmoniot 95/96 (Hebrew).
- A Note on the Tests of Significance of the Difference between the Size Distributions of Basalt and Flint Flakes. Cahiers du Quarternaire 17.
1993      - Co-author, Tel Dor 1992 Preliminary Report. Israel Exploration Journal 43 (with E. Stern).
1994      - Demographic Aspects of the Problem of Israelite Settlement. In: Hopfe L. (ed.), Uncovering Ancient Stones – Essays in Memory of H. Neil Richardson Winona Lake IN: Eisenbrauns.
1995      - Co-author of volume and author of chapters 2, 5, 7, 8 in: E. Stern et al., Excavations at Dor, Vol. IA – Areas A and C: Introduction and Stratigraphy (Qedem Reports 1) (ch. 7 with E. Ben-Ari; ch. 8 with I. Saragusti).
- Co-author, Tel Dor 1993 Preliminary Report. Israel Exploration Journal 44 (with E. Stern).
- Partial Order Scalogram Analysis of Relations – A Mathematical Approach to the Analysis of Stratigraphy. Journal of Archaeological Science 22.
1996      - Co-author, Silver Hoard Found in Archaeological Excavations at Tel Dor. Tel Magazine (with E. Stern, Danish).
- Analysis of Homogeneity of the Distribution of Figurines in Strata 13-10. Appendix D (to ch. 2 – Diana Gilbert-Peretz, Ceramic Figurines) in: D.T. Ariel & A. De Groot (eds.), City of David IV (Qedem 35).
1997      - Co-author, Dor in the Iron I Period – A Port and Trading Emporium under Cultural and Economic Changes. In: E. Regev (ed.), New Studies on the Coastal Plain – Annual Symposium of the Department of the Study of the Land of Israel, 1997. Ramat Gan: Bar Ilan University (with A. Gilboa).
- Co-author, Tel Dor 1994-1995 Preliminary Report. Israel Exploration Journal 46 (with E. Stern, A. Gilboa, J. Berg & J. Zorn).
1998      - Co-author, Quantitative Analysis of the Symmetry of Artifacts: Lower Paleolithic Handaxes. Journal of Archaeological Science 25 (with I. Saragusti, D. Avnir, O. Katzenelson).
1999      - Stratigraphical Inference: A Methodological Study and a Mathematical Model. In: A. Faust & A. Maeir (eds.), Material Culture, Society and Ideology: New Directions in the Archaeology of the Land of Israel. Ramat Gan: Bar Ilan University.
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2002      - Co-author, The Water Supply, Distribution and Sewage Systems at Roman Dor in: D. Amit et al . (eds.), Ancient Aqueducts in Israel (Supplement to the Journal of Roman Archaeology 46) (with J. E. Berg & B. Zilberstein).
- ’Transition Dating’ – A Heuristic Mathematical Approach to the Collation of 14C Dates from Stratified Sequences. Radiocarbon 43.
- Co-author, Early Iron Age Radiometric Dates from Tel Dor – Implications for Phoenicia, and Beyond”. Radiocarbon 43 (with A. Gilboa).
2003      - Co-author, An Archaeological Contribution to the Early Iron Age Chronological Debate: Alternative Chronologies for Phoenicia and their Effects on the Levant, Cyprus and Greece. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 332 (with A. Gilboa).
2004      - Co-author, Towards computerized typology and classification of ceramics. Journal of Archaeological Science (with A. Gilboa, A. Karasik and U. Smilansky).
- The [Awful?] Truth about GIS and Archaeology. In: M. Iacovou (ed.), Archaeological Field Survey in Cyprus: Past History, Future Potentials (BSA Studies 11).  London: British School in Athens.
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- Co-author, The Early Iron Age Dating Project: Introduction, Methodology, Progress Report and an Update on the Tel Dor Radiometric Dates.  pp. 65 - 92 in:  T. Levy and T. Higham  ( eds. ). The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating : Archaeology, Text and Science. London: Equinox (with A. Gilboa, A. J. T. Jull and E. Boaretto).
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- Sharon, I., A. Gilboa and E. Boaretto. 14C and the Iron Age Chronological Debate: Where are we Really at? A commentary on the Tel Rehov Radiometric Dates in: M. Bietak and E. Czerny (eds.). The Synchronization of Civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Second Millenium B.C. vol. III. pp. 149 - 155. Vienna: Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
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pending - Architectural Stratigraphy – A ‘Post-processual’ Alternative to Stratigraphic Analysis?” in: I. Thuesen (ed.), Near Eastern Archaeology at the Beginning of the 3rd Millennium AD. Copenhagen: Carsten Niebuhr Institute.
- Co-author, Seeking Solomon: Siamun Scarabs, Ceramic Sequence and 14C. Tel Aviv (with A. Gilboa and J. Zorn).
- Co-author, The SKL Town: Dor in the Early Iron Age. In: M. Artzy, A. E. Killebrew and G. Lehmann (eds.), Philistines and Other Sea Peoples. Leiden: Brill (with A. Gilboa).
- in press Sharon, I. Biblical Archaeology in: The Elsevier Encyclopedia of Archaeology London: Elsevier.

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