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Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor

Selected List of Publications:


Two Burial Caves of the Proto Urban Period at Azor, 1971; The First Season of Excavations at Tel-Yarmouth, 1970 (Qedem 1), Jerusalem 1975.

Cylinder Seals of Third Millennium Palestine (Supplements to the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 22), 1978, 121 pp.

Excavations at Athienou, Cyprus, 1971-1972, (Qedem 16), Jerusalem 1983 (co-author T. Dothan).

The Yoqne'am Regional Project: Tel Qiri, A Village in the Valley of Jezreel, Archaeological Report (Qedem 25), Jerusalem 1987.

Yoqne'am I: The Late Periods (Qedem Reports 3), Jerusalem 1996 (co-authors M. Avissar and Y. Portugali).

Tel Qashish, A Village in the Jezreel Valley (Qedem Reports 5), Jerusalem, 2003 (co-authors R. Bonfil and S. Zuckerman).

Books (Edited)

The Archaeology of Ancient Israel, Yale University Press and Open University, New Haven 1992 (Hebrew version, Open University, Tel Aviv 1989).

Hazor III-IV, Jerusalem 1989.

Hazor V, Jerusalem 1997 (co-editor R. Bonfil).

Yoqne‘am II: The Iron Age (Qedem Reports 6), Jerusalem 2005 (co-authors A. Zarzecki-Peleg and S. Cohen-Anidjar).

Yoqne'am III: The Bronze Age (Qedem Reports 7), Jerusalem 2005, in press (co-authors D. Ben-Ami and A. Livneh).


The Relations between Egypt and the Land of Canaan during the Third Millennium B.C., Essays in Honour of Y. Yadin, Journal of Jewish Studies 33 (1982): 3-18.

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New Light on the Relations between Egypt and Southern Palestine during the Early Bronze Age I, Bulletin of the American School of Oriental Research 281 (1991): 3-9 (Hebrew version in Eretz Israel 20 [1989]: 31-36).

Byblos and Early Bronze I Palestine, in: P. de Miroschedji (ed.), L'Urbanisation de la Palestine à l'age du Bronze ancien: bilan et perspectives des recherches actuelles (Proceedings of the Colloque d’Emmaus), Paris 1989: 41-52.

New Light on Cylinder Seal Impressions Showing Cult Scenes from Early Bronze Age Palestine, Israel Exploration Journal 42 (1992): 153-164.

Cylinder Seal Impressions of Early Bronze Israel: The Present State of Research, in: Joan G. Westenholtz (ed.), Seals and Sealing in the Ancient Near East, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem 1995: 65-79.

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Responding to Finkelstein’s Addendum (on the Dating of Hazor X-VII), Tel Aviv 28 (2001): 301-304.

Hazor – A City State Between the Major Powers, A Rejoinder, SJOT 16/2 (2002): 301-308.

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