Pictures from the 1998 season

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                                                  1998 Excavation Team

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Overview of the Orpheus building to the  west          Students cleaning a section of the city wall.       
of the Cardo with foundations of a second building
to its left. (area 76.1) 

      zippor3a.jpg (8898 bytes)                  zippor4a.jpg (10802 bytes)
      Overview of are 68.1                        Remains of private house excavated to the east of
                                                              the Nile building with a mosaic in situ (area 67.2)

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Final cleaning of the ritual bath. The cistern          The pottery workshop excavated in area 78.1
in the foreground is the "treasure" with the
stepped pool behind (area 78.1)

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Cleaning the Orpheus mosaic before final                        Students registering pottery
photography session

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